Kelly: a woman can learn to meet Kang Zhu years

Kelly: a woman can learn to meet Kang Zhu years.

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, otherwise, it is likely to have two parts looking the situation. "purely because of her natural beauty, so it does not even aspire Sexy Lingerie to the beauty of applied ornament, itself.

Bare makeup Jiuzheng fine line Sexy costumes with her temperament.

Their best and most natural, is the pursuit of her sexy corset life as a woman.

Because usually used to do styling hair gel, mousse, lingerie Sexy Lingerie hair is easy to dirty, so Kelly will wash your hair every day, and then massage plus size lingerie the hair with a hair cream or hot towel wrap, so the hair will be very supple and shiny.

No wonder her hair is always thick and shiny, diet is also Sexy Lingerie her most part can not be ignored.

"I do not like to eat supplements, Sexy costumes are very like to eat bird's nest, I think the beauty of beauty can eat bird's sexy corset nest, making Sexy costumes skin smooth and delicate, will not have wrinkles. Japanese sushi lingerie is my favorite food because it is less oil, meat

, a meal, just to make plus size lingerie nutritionally balanced, and not worry about weight gain. I will eat breakfast every day before the three shark oil capsules before breakfast, eat a vitamin Sexy Lingerie C, to supplement the lack of nutrition. "She also suggested

women Sexy costumes should drink plenty of water, water is a sexy corset gastrointestinal scavenger, in her view, sexy corset the taste of sweet water, and soft drinks, stimulating beverage to drink as little lingerie as possible.

Kelly also firmly believe that love of sports is a beautiful plus size lingerie abundant energy source of power.

So she will add a free sleep, and then there will be extra time to do sports.

"Normally I like to run, I Sexy Lingerie think no matter what sport are beneficial to the body, but the lingerie most important Sexy costumes thing is perseverance. I also like swimming, one summer, I'll go fill the sexy corset water swim." Love to have experienced

How much we can learn much lingerie more about love crazy men Rouge of the North, from thousands of years ago in plus size lingerie 2010 also asked: "Mr. (Miss) Right can't find me?"

Read book list, books are always about men and women wrestling championship in the top ten best-selling plus size lingerie book.

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