Kelly: a woman can learn to meet Kang Zhu years

Kelly: a woman can learn to meet Kang Zhu years.

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She has been the weight.

"Singing, acting, and I want to do different, but all along with hope viewers will watch the performance Sexy Lingerie of the state of mind to do, so there is no thought of stopping. Filming, singing, Sexy costumes I have more space to put them

, but also enjoy the work process. until sexy corset now I have a good Zhongyi this line, it should be said more and more like it, lingerie Sexy Lingerie never thought the day would not do. "She does not like the others do the plus size lingerie work and the private share

very clear, perhaps, she is born to do this line of people, but she also understands that talent alone is insufficient to Sexy Lingerie let her ride.

"Empress" bruises everywhere in the body hit, only Sexy costumes a handful of box office results.

"To complete Zhengbu Xi, the kind sexy corset of success beyond their Sexy costumes own sense of worth makes me feel good." Kelly said lingerie he always smiled and never worry or think too much, the most important thing is plus size lingerie to keep for their own breakthrough.

And over the past few, or tender or electronic music genre, Kelly's new album is called "Twilight" is Sexy Lingerie to remind you and me, trust is always an eternal twilight, can illuminate the Sexy costumes road with us to find happiness.

"This sexy corset album's songs and words sexy corset are very positive, is my life, but also my views on love, I want to use only dish lingerie we love to cheer. People into a certain stage, will be on love and life

there plus size lingerie is a new experience, this experience has been accumulated is, I do not specifically asked to sing songs that talk about philosophy of life, just music to create a Sexy Lingerie number of people I am attached to my work, may be an invisible among lingerie us

The Sexy costumes understanding, then, becomes a coincidence won my heart. "This is a simple sexy corset truth could not be more simple, to be happy, but also break their own, that is lingerie happiness.

I love the best and most natural postpartum Kelly seems to be plus size lingerie more of his voice, the skin that are not dry Huang pattern, while the body is also increasingly be convex, as a happy big girl, and she particularly care for the conservation plus size lingerie of the skin.

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