How to Draw an 8-bit image

How to Draw an 8-bit image

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Step 1 decide how to paint.

Whether a person, robot, animal, and so on.

Drawing on the basic concepts of blank paper.

It does Sexy Lingerie not need to be very complex or draw, it's just an idea of which way to go to Sexy costumes work with it later is not too time consuming.

Make sure that you want to sexy corset paint the image of what action to perform.

Step 2, such as Mario and Megaman lingerie Sexy Lingerie from the great man some of the lessons drawn characters, you just draw a map on plus size lingerie paper in time for a square (pixel).

This is the most time consuming stage.

Be sure to include black characters in profile (to find an 8-bit characters Sexy Lingerie get the idea of the existing image to see in the end what is the 8-bit characters Sexy costumes look like.)

Step 3 The image is not perfect, the editor in the future.

Color sexy corset image Sexy costumes (again with the square).

Ensure that the color is different.

Important lingerie to be able to distinguish color differences, to minimize the frustration in the plus size lingerie next step.

Step 4 of the scanned image on your computer.

Save scanned images and graphics editing program open.

Use the program "Paint" Sexy Lingerie Edit image can do, but a more advanced such as Microsoft Digital Image Suite applications Sexy costumes will sexy corset enable editing easier.

The only real advantage of paint in a management sexy corset program such as Photoshop or Singapore is the fact that it is easy to color a square lingerie image square meters.

Drawback is that paint can not delete or modify the plus size lingerie background image.

If you do not have a scanner or Photoshop proceed to step 8.

Step 5 Outline of the object or character.

And choice of graphics Sexy Lingerie editor to distinguish lingerie between simple line drawing, such as ears, eyes, legs, hands, Sexy costumes and so no matter the character outline the different parts of the black in your sexy corset image.

This is a very time-consuming process, due to the fact that you have lingerie a detailed outline of every minute.

You can only use a square color paint plus size lingerie brush.

It is much easier if the character is only a few simple colors.

Step 6 Delete the template (original plus size lingerie painting).

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